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How to find a reliable moving company?

If you’re a student in CA, moving can be a disruptive as well as a stressful event. However, hiring the right moving company to move your belongings to or from school can really help you out.

A good moving company with experienced professionals in Orange County, Newport Beach, Riverside etc. can put your mind more at ease since you’re guaranteed that your belongings are safe.

Student Moving: How to Find a Reliable Moving Company to Transport your Belongings

Tip 1: Reference from colleagues

Reference from colleagues in your schools who’ve recently hired a moving company can really be of great beneficial to you.

Basically, it is a reality that world- of- mouth advertisement is normally more reliable as well as effective than heavy promotions in fliers, phonebooks and newspapers.

Talk to as many people as you can till you get the right firm to move your belongings.

Tip 2: Getting multiple quotes

In your attempt to find a reliable moving company in Orange County, Newport Beach, Riverside getting multiple quotes from more than one moving firm is very important.

Avoid settling for the least expensive moving firm and never assume that you’ll get better services by paying more cash.

Tip 3: Verifying that the firm is registered

Check with BBB i.e. Better Business Bureau in Orange County of any claims or complaints made against the company you intend to hire. Also, verify that the firm is registered with FMCSA i.e. Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.

Tip 4: Looking for a company offering insurance

Look for moving firms in CA who often offer insurance to protect against theft or damage of goods while in transit. Though you’ll likely pay extra for insurance, it is a reality that the safety of your goods is worth the additional cost.

Tip 5: Questioning about how they pack

Question the moving firm you’ve chosen about how they normally pack as well as transport things. Additionally, it is also essential that you are sure about how the moving company keeps different items in their storage facilities.

If you will not have immediate access to your belongings, it’s important that you know where the company’s storage facility is located.

You can also find a reliable moving company in California by carrying out a thorough research in the internet.

Last, but not least, you must ensure that you get the contacts of the moving company you’ve hired so that you can communicate with them in case of anything.

Ensure that you make use of the aforementioned tips if you want your belongings to be transported safely in Orange County. Thank you.