A bedroom is a special place in our home where we relax after a long day. Personally, there is nothing I enjoy more than morning sleep-ins on a cozy Sunday. Sleep is one of the essential parts of our lives! By improving the quality of our sleep, we enhance the quality of our lives. That's why picking the right mattress is critical to improving your sleep. It's also one of the biggest investments because good mattresses are expensive. I recently moved, and one of my first questions was how to move a mattress. How do I keep my investment safe, clean, and protected? Here are some tips I've learned while researching the best moving company in the area.

Before the move:

  1. Prepare your bedroom, clear out the space, and if you feel handy, take apart your bed ( It will also save you money on the moving process ) 
  2. There are different options you can buy ahead of time for Mattress protection, such as plastic covers and mattress bags. You can get them online or in your local Uhaul store or Home Depot. They range from $9 to $40, depending on the quality and size. Make sure you get the right size. Don't be like me. 
  3. Putting the bag on can be challenging and will require two people to do it. I recommend leaving it to the movers. 

Moving Company: 

  1. Movers know precisely how to move a mattress. The company I chose also provided plastic wrap free of charge. So when choosing a company, ask about mattress covers. Most companies will offer it for free. 
  2. This is how the process looked for me: The movers wrapped the mattress in plastic wrap, hand-carried it to the truck, and placed it on the moving blanket ( to protect it from the dirt ). Then carefully strapped it into the remaining items they already had inside. 

After the move:

  1. As a part of the service, movers assembled my bed, unwrapped the mattress, and placed it on the bed. 
  2. If you plan to do it yourself, remember that covering your mattress with plastic and padding will help you keep it clean. 


Using a Moving company saved me a lot of hassle and time. If I were to do it myself, I would bring a friend, buy a plastic bag, rent moving blankets, and choose a first-floor apartment ( Stairs are no joke! ). I hope these tips on how to move a mattress will help you and your mattress during your next move! 

Local movers are delivering a mattress to its new home.