Why Los Angeles Moving Companies Charge for 3 Hours Minimum – Explained

If You ever contacted a moving company You probably heard this weird ” minimum hours required ” and it can be very confusing why to move 1 item you need to pay a full amount as you would pay for your entire move. So we thought it’s going to be a good idea to clarify the charge.

  • First and most important is the Location. In most cases, the parking location of the trucks won’t be right next to your house and the traffic in Los Angeles can be very tough. Most companies start charging you when they start the job and don’t charge for the time to drive to you or to come back.
  • Second is the time it takes for our workers. In order to come to you they have to drive to the truck parking, then get in the truck and drive to you. And the same thing when the job is done. It would not make sense to spend hours driving to get paid for 20 minutes of work
  • Third is the costs of scheduling. Our managers have to make sure the trucks are ready and the movers are on time.

So at the end of the day, even the smallest job that may seem like 20 minutes task can turn out to be a 3-5 hour period for the company. We always want to help our clients and make sure we save them money when we can! But in order to have our business going 3 hours minimum is a necessary requirement that gives us the protection that even if the job is very small we will be able to pay our workers and keep our trucks going.

We hope that this helps to understand why 3 hours minimum is in place but you can always call us at 866-925-5012 or email at Qsharksmoving@gmail.com if you have any questions or have a unique situation and we will be happy to help!