10 Tips for Creating A New Life in A New City

Moving can be intimidating; you’re packing up your whole life, putting it all in a truck and traveling to somewhere entirely new. You may not have any friends in the city as you find a new place to live and set yourself up at work.

Starting over fresh is scary but adjusting to a new city doesn’t have to be difficult. These 10 tips can make creating your new life in a new city that much easier.

Local Spots

When you move to a new city, find a few local spots that you like to frequent. Head to the coffee shop on the corner or go to a favorite restaurant for lunches. Not only will this help you feel like you’re involved in your city, but soon, people will begin to recognize you.
This might seem like a small thing and yet, getting recognized makes you feel as though you’re a part of the community. Rather than spending every day inside, find a few places that you are able to relax at.

Creating A New Life in A New City


When you move, you may not know anyone, but that doesn’t mean that you don’t have any connections in your new town. Use some of the online networks that you have on Facebook and other social media sites.

Ask your friends if they have any friends you might be able to meet up with in town. You might just be able to find someone who makes a good tour guide. You may also look for groups of people with similar interests or experiences.

For instance, if you’ve volunteered with a national organization, or have worked in a certain profession, find local groups and send an email to see if you might be able to meet up.

Say Yes

As nice as it might be to sometimes stay at home and relax, you need to put yourself out there to get a friend, a significant other, or a job. Get out there by saying yes to the things people invite you to and even to work outings.

Even if the scene isn’t necessarily your usual place, make an effort to hang out with your coworkers. Bonding with them will make your life that much more comfortable, while giving you a chance to meet new people.

Living not Spending

Maybe bring your ID with you but leave the credit cards and cash at home. It can be very easy to spend money when you go out rather than just living. Even if you’re just going out to take a walk or are attending a free event in your community, go to things that spark your interest.

Once you put it in your calendar, commit yourself to going without spending money.

Ask for Dates

Even if it’s awkward asking to be set up on friend dates or real dates, this is a great way to make friends. Ask people you know to set you up with people they know in your new city. Ask your family if they know anyone who might be a good friend.

Find people on your social media networks who live in the same town and might share similar interests – you may just end up with a best friend.

Creating A New Life in A New City - Find New Friends

Join a Few Groups

It takes time to volunteer, but volunteering is a great way to do something wonderful while finding some amazing people to spend time with. That’s because anyone who’s willing to give up their time to help others is usually pretty nice.

When you’re alone in a new city, search up a few places you might be able to volunteer in. You can also join other types of groups in your city, including even simple things like kickball leagues.

It’s not easy to put yourself out there but joining something is a wonderful way to meet people. Even if you’re a beginner, this is a great way to make new friends who are also beginners and still learning.

Tour Around

Instead of trying to look like you belong, spend some legitimate time being a tourist for a day. Go around to all the monuments your city is famous for, take pictures and get used to the layout of your city.

You’ll overcome the awkwardness quickly as you begin to learn more about where you live and build a real connection.

Permanent Set Up

It can be easy to temporarily set yourself up when you’re moving and forget about those few boxes that you still haven’t unpacked.
The only problem with this is that if you treat your living arrangement as temporary, you’re unlikely to really interact with the people in your building or community. Consider your apartment your new home and treat it that way.

Get a mattress, some real dishes and pick out some good furniture. Make your home a nice place to live in and a real place to relax when you get home.

Do Things Alone

Most people feel incredibly awkward when it comes to doing things alone, but you don’t need other people with you to get out and have a good time. Buy a ticket to a concert, go to the movies, or head to lunch by yourself.

Being alone can be satisfying and can help you feel more comfortable in your new city.

Give it Time

Even after months in your new city, you still may not feel comfortable yet. That’s okay too; it’s never too late to go out and start getting involved. If you’re not ready to go out yet, spend some time making yourself comfortable in other ways.

Creating A New Life in A New City - Give it Time

Use the first six months to find local places you’re okay with and remind yourself that everything is still in transition. Instead of panicking, remember that moving is hard and that you’re still adjusting.


It’s not easy to move to a new city where you don’t know anyone and aren’t sure of anywhere outside of your immediate living space. If you’re feeling a little lost and confused upon moving to your new city, these 10 tips for creating your new life can help.

Spend some time meeting up with people, say yes to invitations and find a few local spots you feel comfortable in. Soon enough, you’ll begin feeling right at home in your new city.