Things to consider when you schedule your move

Moving services work a little bit different from most of the home services. Moves happen everywhere and every day, but there are days that busier or slower. You may be able to save extra money by moving on a weekday during slow seasons.

Days that considered to by “slow” are Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Friday and Monday, Sunday are busier. Saturday will be the highest demand day since it gives your 1 day ( Friday ) to prepare and Sunday to settle down.

Moving arriving windows are always preferable, that’s why moving in the afternoon can also help you save money and get better availability.

Most of the people move at the end of the month ( because of most of the leases) and it’s a good idea to schedule your move a little bit in advance. The same will be for the middle of the month, especially for weekends.

To get everything together: Hardest days to schedule will be the end of the month Friday, Saturday and Sunday in the morning. ( Afternoon moves will be more flexible ) so if that’s your move day consider getting ready earlier and choosing your moving company accordingly.

Easiest days will be 1st and 3rd weeks of the month during weekdays, usually, it’s very easy to schedule and you can get movers even the next day.

We hope this article will help you get ready for your move and make your experience smoother.