How to pack a chair

Getting yourchair ready for moving or shipping tend to be a stressful activity especiallywhen dealing with huge furniture such as couch and sofas. However, putting thisprocess into action is not as tiresome as many people think so long varioussteps are followed. Preparation and organization is a key factor when takingnotes on how to pack chair. This can be done through dissembling of relevantparts as well as packing of materials.

The firststep involves creation of list of chairs that you intend to move. By doingthis, you will be able to get a guide through on what to pack and what not topack. The next step involves identifying of various equipment and toolsneeded. Some of the equipment neededinclude plastic wrap, cardboard sheets, old towels and packing tape. Asking forrecommendations is also a key issue. Such information can be found from movingstores.

Cleaning ofthe chair to be packed is another vital step. This can be done through polishingand dusting off. Disassembling of any flexible part is important. This can bedone through removing of legs from the main chair only when it is appropriate.The bolts holding the legs should also be removed through the use ofscrewdrivers or pliers depending on the type of bolts fitted in the chairs.

Any hardwareshould then be placed safely in a clear sealable plastic bag. The bag shouldthen be labeled in respect to its contents and then wrapped underneath thechair with a packing tape. This step can only be performed only if the chairscan be disconnected. On the disconnected chair, one should wrap up thedisconnected pieces and put them in packing boxes.

Once thesepieces have been packed, the packing boxes should be wrapped using bubble wrap,blankets and the old towels. These materials are used to prevent the materials fromany form of risky exposure while on transit. The boxes should also be labeledin reference to its content. Cover the top of the chair with blanket. Theblanket can then be secured using a packing tape. Packing tape should then bewinded up around the chair to prevent it from coming off.

Chair legsshould then be wrapped using with the help of bubble wrap through windingdiagonally the tape tightly along the length. The wrapping process should bedone the same way wrapping of disconnected pieces was done. Wrapping of each legwill secure them from any external damages.

Clearing ofthe path which the wrapped chairs will pass through is a key issue sinceobstacles may lead to damages of chairs on their way to the waiting vehicle fortransportation. This can be done through removing of doors to create widerways. Doors can be removed through disconnecting the screwdriver with an aid ofa mallet.

The chairswhich are now ready for transportation should then be moved carefully in thehouse. This is done to avoid scratching of chairs. Repositioning of the chairswhile being transported to the truck is necessary depending on the design ofthe house. Once inside the truck, the chairs should be secured together throughropes or straps. Positioning of chairs in the truck is also an importantfactor. Fill free to use our order form to get free quotes on packing service