Financial Mistakes to Avoid During Your Move

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Author: Vlad Kandybovich

Meet Vlad Kandybovich, your friendly moving expert with over 10 years in the game! As the heart and soul behind QShark Moving Company, he has been a part of more than 50,000 moving journeys, helping individuals like you make smooth and stress-free transitions. Vlad is not just about the business; he genuinely cares about making each move a happy memory. So, when you are looking for advice or a tip on your next move, know that Vlads wisdom comes with a big dose of care and friendship. Happy moving!

Financial Mistakes to Avoid During Your Move

Financial Mistakes

Summary: Moving is a significant life event, often accompanied by a whirlwind of emotions and a long to-do list. While the excitement of a new place is undeniable, the financial aspect can be daunting. From hidden costs to utility setup, there’s a lot to consider. With over 50,000 moves under our belt, QShark Moving Company is here to guide you through the common Financial Mistakes of moving and how to sidestep them.

Financial Mistakes When MovingHow to Avoid Them
Not Getting Multiple QuotesShop around and compare services, not just prices.
Skipping InsuranceAlways insure belongings and understand the types of coverage available.
Forgetting About Hidden CostsList potential expenses like packing materials and storage. Allocate a budget for unexpected costs.
Not Setting a Moving BudgetDetail all anticipated expenses and review regularly.
Last-minute MovingPlan ahead and avoid rushing to prevent oversights and added expenses.


Moving to a new home is a thrilling adventure. It promises a fresh start, new memories, and exciting opportunities. But, like any significant life event, it comes with challenges. One of the most overlooked aspects of moving is the financial planning involved. A smooth transition can quickly become a financial strain without proper foresight and preparation.

At QShark Moving Company, we’ve seen it all. With over 8 years in the business and a track record of over 50,000 successful moves, we’ve gathered invaluable insights into the common financial mistakes people make during their move:

  • Not shopping around: Many assume that all professional movers offer the same rates. This can be a costly assumption.
  • Overlooking insurance: Believing that mishaps won’t happen to them, some skip insuring their belongings.
  • Forgetting the hidden costs: From packing materials to temporary storage, these can add up.
  • Last-minute decisions: Rushing often leads to oversights and added expenses.

This article’ll delve deep into these pitfalls and more, offering expert advice on navigating your move without breaking the bank. Whether you’re looking for local movers, packers, or comprehensive packing and moving services, it’s essential to be informed and prepared.

The Common Moving Financial Mistakes

The Common Moving Financial Mistakes

Relocating can be complex, and it’s easy to overlook certain financial aspects. Here are some of the most frequent financial missteps we’ve observed over the years:

2.1. Not Getting Multiple Quotes

  • Why it’s a mistake: Many believe professional movers charge similar rates. This assumption can lead to paying more than necessary.
  • How to avoid it:
    • Reach out to multiple local movers for quotes.
    • Compare services offered, not just the price.
    • Read reviews and ask for references to ensure you’re getting value for your money.

2.2. Skipping Insurance

  • Why it’s a mistake: Accidents happen, even with the most experienced packers. Without insurance, you risk bearing the full cost of any damages.
  • How to avoid it:
    • Understand the different types of moving insurance available.
    • Evaluate the value of your belongings and decide on the level of coverage you’re comfortable with.
    • Discuss insurance options with your chosen moving company.

2.3. Forgetting About Hidden Costs

  • Why it’s a mistake: Many costs associated with moving aren’t immediately obvious. Overlooking them can lead to budget overruns.
  • How to avoid it:
    • Make a comprehensive list of potential expenses, including packing materials, temporary storage, and utility setup fees.
    • Allocate a portion of your budget for unexpected costs.
    • Discuss any additional fees with your packing and moving service provider.

2.4. Not Setting a Moving Budget

  • Why it’s a mistake: It’s easy to overspend without a clear budget. You might end up with unexpected debts after the move.
  • How to avoid it:
    • List down all anticipated expenses, from mover fees to utility deposits.
    • Prioritize essential costs and identify areas where you can save.
    • Regularly review and adjust your budget as the moving day approaches.

2.5. Last-minute Moving

  • Why it’s a mistake: Rushing can lead to oversights, forgotten items, and even higher costs due to expedited services.
  • How to avoid it:
    • Start planning your move several weeks or even months in advance.
    • Create a moving timeline and checklist to ensure you stay on track.
    • If you must move on short notice, seek out professional movers known for efficient and speedy services.
Setting Up Utilities – The Right Way

Setting Up Utilities – The Right Way

Relocating isn’t just about moving belongings from one place to another. It’s also about ensuring your new home is ready for you. One of the most crucial aspects of this is setting up utilities. Here’s how to do it efficiently and economically:

3.1. Researching Providers

  • Why it’s important: Different utility providers offer varying rates and service quality. Choosing the first one you come across might not be the best decision for your wallet or your needs.
  • Steps to take:
    • Compare rates and services of different providers in your new area.
    • Read customer reviews and ratings.
    • Ask neighbors or local community groups for recommendations.

3.2. Timing is Everything

  • Why it’s important: Setting up utilities too early or too late can lead to unnecessary costs or uncomfortable days without essential services.
  • Steps to take:
    • Contact utility providers 2-3 weeks before your move.
    • Schedule the activation a day or two before you move in.
    • Ensure you’ve scheduled the disconnection of utilities at your old place after your move-out date.

3.3. Understanding Setup Fees

  • Why it’s important: Some utilities come with initial setup fees. Being unaware can lead to unexpected costs.
  • Steps to take:
    • Ask providers upfront about any setup or installation fees.
    • Check if there are promotions or discounts available for new customers.
    • Factor these costs into your moving budget.

3.4. Bundle When Possible

  • Why it’s important: Some providers offer multiple utilities, and bundling services can lead to significant savings.
  • Steps to take:
    • Inquire about bundle deals for services like internet, cable, and phone.
    • Compare the bundled price to individual service costs to ensure it’s a good deal.
    • Read the terms and conditions to avoid getting locked into long-term contracts without an easy exit.

3.5. Reading the Fine Print

  • Why it’s important: Contracts can have hidden fees, penalties, or clauses that might not favor you.
  • Steps to take:
    • Always read the entire contract or service agreement.
    • Ask questions about anything you don’t understand.
    • Be wary of deals that seem too good to be true; they often have hidden costs.
Tips to Avoid These Moving Financial Mistakes

Tips to Avoid These Moving Financial Mistakes

While we’ve highlighted the common financial pitfalls during a move, providing actionable advice on how to sidestep them is equally essential. Here are some tried-and-true tips from our years of experience at QShark Moving Company:

4.1. Start Early

  • Why it’s beneficial: Beginning your moving preparations early gives you ample time to research, plan, and make informed decisions.
  • Action steps:
    • Begin preparations at least two months in advance for larger moves.
    • Create a timeline with milestones to track your progress.
    • Regularly review and adjust your plans as needed.

4.2. Create a Checklist

  • Why it’s beneficial: A checklist ensures you don’t overlook any aspect of your move, from hiring packers to setting up utilities.
  • Action steps:
    • List down every task, no matter how small.
    • Prioritize tasks based on their importance and deadlines.
    • Check off tasks as you complete them for a sense of accomplishment.

4.3. Seek Recommendations

  • Why it’s beneficial: Personal recommendations can provide insights into the quality of service and potential costs.
  • Action steps:
    • Ask friends, family, or colleagues about their moving experiences.
    • Join local community groups online to seek recommendations.
    • Consider reviews and testimonials on professional movers websites.

4.4. Be Realistic

  • Why it’s beneficial: Having a realistic understanding of costs ensures you’re not caught off guard by unexpected expenses.
  • Action steps:
    • Always allocate a portion of your budget for unforeseen costs.
    • Regularly review quotes and contracts to ensure they align with your budget.
    • Adjust your plans if costs start to exceed your budget.

4.5. Keep Essential Documents Handy

  • Why it’s beneficial: Losing important financial and utility documents during a move can lead to delays and additional costs.
  • Action steps:
    • Designate a folder or box for essential documents.
    • Regularly update and check this folder to ensure nothing is missing.
    • Consider digital backups for added security.

Conclusion Moving Financial Mistakes

Moving is more than just a physical transition from one place to another; it’s a journey filled with emotions, decisions, and financial considerations. Overlooking the monetary aspects can lead to unnecessary stress, turning what should be an exciting new chapter into a challenging ordeal.

At QShark Moving Company, we’ve been privileged to assist in over 50,000 moves. This experience has given us a unique perspective on people’s common financial pitfalls and how best to avoid them. From the importance of getting multiple quotes to the intricacies of setting up utilities, being informed and prepared is your best defense against unforeseen costs.


  • Plan Ahead: The earlier you start, the more options you have and the better decisions you’ll make.
  • Stay Informed: Knowledge is power. Understand the costs involved and where potential savings lie.
  • Seek Expertise: Whether reading articles like this or hiring professional movers and packers, leaning on expertise can save time and money.

Moving is a significant life event; like all major events, it comes with challenges. But with the right approach, guidance, and foresight, you can ensure your move is smooth and financially sound.

Thank you for joining us on this journey, and here’s to a successful move!

FAQs How To Avoid Moving Financial Mistakes:

Q1: How early should I start contacting utility providers before my move?
A1: Ideally, at least 2-3 weeks before your move. This ensures a seamless transition and avoids any service interruptions.

Q2: Are there any utilities that people commonly forget to set up?
A2: Yes, often people overlook setting up garbage and recycling services, especially if they’re moving to a new city or state.

Q3: How can I ensure I get the best utility deal?
A3: Research multiple providers, read reviews, and don’t hesitate to negotiate or ask about promotions.

Q4: What should I do if I realize I’ve made a financial mistake during my move?
A4: It’s never too late to rectify. Contact professionals, like QShark Moving Company, for advice and possible solutions.

Q5: How can I ensure my belongings are safe during the move without breaking the bank?
A5: Invest in quality packing materials and consider partial insurance coverage, which can offer protection without a hefty price tag.

Q6: Is it worth hiring professional movers for a short-distance move?
A6: Absolutely. Even for short distances, professional movers can ensure the safety of your belongings, provide the necessary equipment, and reduce the physical and mental stress of the move.

Q7: How can I avoid hidden fees when hiring a moving company?
A7: Always ask for a detailed quote, inquire about additional fees, and thoroughly read the contract. Transparency is key; a reputable company like QShark Moving Company will be upfront about all costs.

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