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How to Pack LEGO for Moving

How to Pack LEGO for Moving

Moving is often a rollercoaster of emotions and logistics. But what about those precious LEGO sets with emotional and financial value? In this article, we dive deep into the world of LEGO and teach you how to pack LEGO for moving, whether assembled or disassembled.

Understanding the LEGO Collection

Assembled vs. Disassembled

Before you start packing, take a moment to assess your LEGO collection. Some sets might be disassembled and easy to move. Others, fully assembled, may carry a lot of sentimental value, making the packing process crucial.

  • Assembled Sets: Often complex and fragile.
  • Disassembled Sets: Easier to transport but lack the ‘wow’ factor.

Sentimental Value

The emotional attachment to your LEGO sets isn’t just child’s play; it’s real. Sentimental value often plays a pivotal role in deciding how much effort you’ll put into packing these plastic treasures.

Deciding What to Move

Before you plunge into the packing phase, consider what’s worth moving.

  • High-Value Sets: Keepers, obviously!
  • Lost Interest: Maybe it’s time to part ways.
  • Missing/Broken Pieces: Not worth the hassle?

What to Do with Sets You Don’t Move

  1. Sell: Make some money.
  2. Gift: Spread the joy.
  3. Donate: A charitable option.

Need help deciding? Check out our guide on how to pack garden tools for moving, where we discuss decluttering techniques that could apply to LEGOs, too!

Packing Disassembled LEGO Sets

Packing Disassembled LEGO Sets

Why Disassemble?

Disassembling your LEGO sets can be heart-wrenching, especially when you’ve spent hours assembling them. However, it can make your moving journey smoother and safer for your beloved sets.

Step-by-Step Guide to Packing Disassembled LEGO Sets

  1. Gather Packing Supplies: Ensure you have all the necessary packing supplies before starting. Ziploc bags, soft packing paper, and tape are essentials.
  2. Place Bricks in Sealable Bags: Divide the LEGO bricks by color or type and place them into Ziploc bags. Put the set in smaller bags if it has unique pieces or mini-figures.
  3. Label Bags: Use a permanent marker to label each bag with the set number or description. This will simplify the reassembling process in your new home.
  4. Arrange in Containers: Place the sealed bags in transparent plastic storage containers. The transparency will help you quickly identify each set.
  5. Cushion with Packing Paper: Lay soft packing paper at the bottom of the container and between layers of bags for extra cushioning.
  6. Seal Containers: Once packed, seal the containers tightly with packing tape.
  7. Label Containers: Use a marker to indicate the contents and write “LEGOs – Disassembled” to avoid any confusion during unpacking.

Table: Packing Supplies for Disassembled Sets

ItemQuantityWhy Needed
Ziploc Bags20+For individual sets
Soft Packing Paper10 sheetsCushioning
Tape2 rollsTo seal containers

Packing Assembled LEGO Sets

Packing Assembled LEGO Sets

The Challenge

Packing assembled LEGO sets can be a challenging task. You’ve invested money, time, and emotion into building these intricate art pieces.

Step-by-Step Guide to Packing Assembled LEGO Sets

  1. Dust Sets: Use a soft paintbrush to remove dust from the assembled sets gently.
  2. Photograph Builds: Take detailed pictures from multiple angles. This will guide in case some pieces fall off during the move.
  3. Remove Fragile Parts: Detach any fragile or protruding parts that could easily break off.
  4. Wrap in Plastic Film: Wrap the entire set carefully in stretchable plastic like Saran wrap to keep smaller pieces from falling off.
  5. Use Bubble Wrap: After wrapping in plastic film, add a layer of bubble wrap for extra protection.
  6. Transfer to Containers: Place the wrapped sets into sturdy boxes. Office paper boxes are often the perfect size for medium-sized sets.
  7. Fill Empty Spaces: Use shipping peanuts or extra bubble wrap to fill any empty spaces in the boxes, reducing movement during transit.
  8. Seal Containers: Close the boxes and seal them tightly with packing tape.
  9. Label: Mark these boxes as “Fragile” and “Handle with Care.”
  10. Choose a Moving Company: Opt for a moving company experienced in handling fragile items. Qshark Moving Company specializes in this and has locations in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Orange County, San Diego, and Rancho Cucamonga to cater to your needs.

Table: Packing Supplies for Assembled Sets

ItemQuantityWhy Needed
Saran Wrap2 rollsFor initial wrapping
Bubble Wrap1 rollExtra protection
Office Paper Boxes2-3 boxesPerfect size for sets
Shipping Peanuts1 bagTo fill empty spaces
Assembled Sets


Understanding how to pack LEGO for moving is crucial to maintaining their condition. Whether you disassemble your sets or keep them intact, the right packing technique is key.


  • Be organized.
  • Use quality packing supplies.
  • Consider the value of each set.

Final Thoughts

Relocating doesn’t mean you have to leave your precious LEGO sets behind. Pack them carefully, and you’ll enjoy the thrill of reassembling or marveling at your intact builds in your new home.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) How To Pack LEGO for Moving

How do you pack LEGOs when moving?

When moving, you can choose to pack LEGOs either disassembled or assembled. For disassembled sets, Ziploc bags and clear containers are ideal. Assembled sets require careful wrapping in plastic film and bubble wrap.

How do you transport LEGOs without them breaking?

To transport LEGOs without breaking them, secure the pieces in sealable bags or wrap assembled sets in plastic film followed by bubble wrap. Use sturdy containers and fill any empty spaces to prevent movement during transit.

How to pack LEGOs for moving, according to Reddit?

Reddit users often suggest photographing assembled sets before disassembling them. They also recommend using Ziploc bags to store pieces by set or type and using bubble wrap to protect assembled sets.

How do you organize assembled LEGOs?

Organizing assembled LEGOs involves cleaning them first then photographing for reference. Wrap them in plastic film and bubble wrap, and place them in appropriately sized containers. Label each container for easy identification later.

Will LEGO start using paper bags?

LEGO has announced plans to shift to sustainable packaging, including paper bags, by 2025. However, as of now, most LEGO sets still come in plastic bags.

How do you separate and store LEGOs?

To separate and store LEGOs, use Ziploc bags for individual sets or pieces. Label each bag and store them in transparent plastic containers. This makes it easier to identify and access specific sets or pieces later.

Do moving companies specialize in moving LEGOs?

Some moving companies, like Qshark Moving Company, specialize in handling fragile items like LEGOs. With locations in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Orange County, San Diego, and Rancho Cucamonga, they’re a reliable choice for moving your LEGO collection safely.

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