Can A Moving Company Transport Firearms?

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Can A Moving Company Transport Firearms?

Can A Moving Company Transport Firearms?


Moving homes? Got firearms and ammunition to think about? You’re not alone. Many service members, avid hunters, and public security workers face this challenge. Proper handling is crucial, especially when using a moving company. The short answer to Can A Moving Company Transport Firearms is No.

Why It’s Important:

  • Safety: Mistakes can be fatal.
  • Legal Concerns: Violating state or federal laws can lead to penalties.
  • Peace of Mind: Knowing your items are safely and legally moved.

Can Moving Companies Transport Firearms?

Newsflash: Most moving companies, including Qshark Moving Company, do not move firearms or ammunition. Why? Ammunition is volatile, much like gasoline, kerosene, and paints.

Volatile Items Most Moving Companies Won’t Move:

Volatile ItemWhy Not?
GasolineCan combust
KeroseneHighly flammable
PaintsHarmful fumes
AmmunitionCan combust

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Tips on Moving Ammunition

So you’ve got ammunition and are unsure what to do. No worries, here’s a more comprehensive guide on moving your ammo safely and legally.

Key Considerations:

  • Storage Material: Use hard, durable containers that can be locked. Plastic toolboxes with padlocks work well.
  • Location: Store these locked containers in the trunk of your vehicle. The glove box is a no-go for such items.
  • Documentation: Keep a written inventory of the ammunition you are transporting. This can be useful if questioned by authorities.

Types of Containers:

Metal BoxMost SecureHeavy, Expensive
Plastic BoxLight, AffordableLess Secure
Original BoxesConvenientNot Lockable

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Understanding Peaceable Journey Laws

“Peaceable Journey Laws” might sound like legal jargon, but it’s crucial for anyone planning to move firearms, especially during long-distance moves.

What Are Peaceable Journey Laws?

These federal laws allow the transportation of firearms for lawful purposes between places where a person may lawfully possess and carry such firearms.

Key Points to Remember:

  1. State-to-State Variation: These laws can differ from state to state.
  2. Proper Storage: Firearms should be unloaded and stored in a location not readily accessible from the passenger compartment.
  3. Licensing: Ensure you are licensed to own a firearm in the origin and destination states.


Transporting firearms and ammunition isn’t just about moving from Point A to Point B; it’s a multi-layered process steeped in both safety and legal considerations. While Qshark Moving Company can’t assist you in moving these particular items, we are committed to ensuring you’re well-informed for a safe and lawful transition.

Final Checklist for a Smooth Move:

  • Be Safety-Conscious: Always prioritize safety in packing, storing, and transporting.
  • Follow the Law: Consult state and federal laws to avoid legal complications.
  • Seek Expertise: Consult with professional movers who specialize in firearm and ammunition transport.

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FAQ Section

Frequently Asked Questions About Can A Moving Company Transport Firearms:

1. Can I move to California with an AR-15?

  • Answer: No, AR-15s are generally not permitted in California due to state laws against certain types of firearms.

2. How do I move to CT with a pistol?

  • Answer: Connecticut has stringent gun laws. You’ll need the proper permits and documentation.

3. Can I bring my Gen 5 Glock to California?

  • Answer: Gen 5 Glocks are not on California’s Roster of Handguns Certified for Sale, so you can’t bring them into the state.

4. Can I transport my gun to California?

  • Answer: It depends on the type of gun and whether it complies with California state laws.

5. What happens if you get caught with a Glock switch in California?

  • Answer: Possessing a Glock switch in California is illegal and can lead to severe penalties.

6. Why does California ban Gen 4 Glocks?

  • Answer: Gen 4 Glocks do not meet the safety requirements outlined in California’s Roster of Handguns Certified for Sale.

7. What should I do if I’m unsure about the laws?

  • Answer: Always consult with legal experts and read state and federal laws concerning firearms and ammunition before making any moves.
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